Agrigento - a World Heritage Site

The Sicilian town of Agrigento is known far and wide for its unique tourist attractions. The so-called “Valley of the Temples” stands out in particular – an elevated plain, on which archaeologists have been able to uncover remains of the original town of Akragas. The ruins and findings, the impressive basic structure of a town that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, can be viewed by visitors. Those interested can also visit an archaeological museum that displays the history of the region. Another interesting attraction is the San Gerlando Cathedral, which was built in the 11th century and restored in the 1980s.  

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Porta di Ponte  in the Agrigento Old Town© Antonino Riggio / Wikmedia Commons [public domain]

Agrigento Tourism

If you’re looking forward to a resort holiday, just a few kilometres away from Agrigento is the suburb of San Leone, which is situated directly at the seaside with clean, fine sandy beaches that are very popular with tourists. However, the beaches here are not as full as at other Mediterranean beaches.

If you are planning on visiting Sicily in February you can take part in the “Sagra del Mandorlo”. This massive event has been celebrated for the last 75 years as an almond blossom festival. It is held in the Valley of the Temples and is a real highlight, both for locals and for tourists.  

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