The city of Caltanissetta

Nobody really knows when the Sicilian town of Caltanissetta was actually established. However, it is considered to have been originally founded by the Sicanians at least 1000 years before Christ. During the Arabic colonisation of Caltanissetta the rulers erected a giant fort-like castle that still exists today, although it has experienced some changes.  

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Tourism in Caltanissetta

Visitors to Caltanissetta are welcomed with a range of cultural attractions. The cathedral was built in the 16th and 17th centuries and the paintings and statues from its early years can still be viewed. San Sebastiano Church, opposite the cathedral, is about 500 years old, and is also home to a number of marvellous works of art from long ago.

Another important attraction in Caltanissetta is the Castello di Pietrarossa. This palace is situated a little outside of Caltanissetta to the west. Experts believe that it was originally built by the Arabs and then rebuilt by the Normans.

Caltanissetta’s museums are also very popular. Certainly worth a visit is the Sulphur Museum, which tells visits about the many different aspects of sulphur mining. For a long time mining was the most important economic factor in this town, as the sulphur mined here was exported all throughout Europe.

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