Photos of Sicily

Cathedral of MessinaThe Cathedral of Messina
Messina - SicilyMessina in Sicily
The Volcanic Island of StromboliThe volcano atop the island of Stromboli
The Ancient Theatre of TaorminaThe Ancient Greek-Roman Theatre of Taormina
Taormina, SicilyTaormina in Sicily
Museo Archeologico Regionale in SyracuseMuseo Archeologico Regionale in Syracuse
Syracuse - SicilySyracuse in Sicily
Piazza Duomo - CataniaPiazza Duomo in Catania
Mount Etna - The VolcanoThe Volcano Mount Etna
Mount Etna, SicilyMount Etna, Sicily
The Necropolis of PantalicaThe Necropolis of Pantalica in the Siracusa Province, Sicily
Noto Old TownNoto Old Town
The Vendicari Nature ReserveThe Vendicari Nature Reserve
Lipari Island HarbourThe harbour on the Sicilian island of Lipari
Aeolian IslandsAeolian Islands, Sicily
Trapani Salt MineHarvesting salt in the Trapani salt mine.
Ragusa - SicilyRagusa in Sicily
The Cathedral of CefalùThe Cathedral of Cefalù
Enna - SicilyEnna in Sicily
Piazza Armerina in EnnaPiazza Armerina in Enna
Caltanissetta - SicilyCaltanissetta in Sicily
The Cathedral of CaltanissettaThe Cathedral of Caltanissetta
The Valley of the Temples, SicilyThe Valley of the Temples, Sicily
Agrigento - SicilyAgrigento in Sicily
The Vucciria street market in PalermoThe Vucciria street market in Palermo
Palermo - SicilyPalermo, the capital of Sicily
Palazzo dei Normanni, PalermoPalazzo dei Normanni in Palermo
The Cathedral of MonrealeThe Cathedral of Monreale, Palermo
Erice - SicilyErice in Sicily
Trapani, SicilyTrapani in Sicily
Selinunte, TrapaniSelinunte, Trapani
- © Giovanni Dall'Orto / Wikimedia
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- © Reinhart / picasa
- © Gio § Photostream / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 2.0]
- © Maria lo sposo / Wikimedia Commons [ gemeinfrei ]
- © Giovanni Dall'Orto / Wikimedia Commons [ gemeinfrei ]
- © Castello Calatabiano [ gemeinfrei ]

Photos of Sicily

With these photos we would like to bring you closer to charming Sicily and hope we have awakened your interest in a trip to Sicily.

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