Best beaches in Sicily

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Sicily with turquoise water, white sand and breath-taking views. We have here compiled a list of the best beaches to visit.

Sicilian Vineyards

Sicily is world famous for its excellent wines. Why not visit one of the beautiful vineyards and try the local wine.

Walking on Mount Etna

Mount Etna offers an ever changing landscape and climbing the volcano is an excellent experience for the whole family.

Day Trips in Sicily

Sicily has lots to offer for a great day of fun with family and friends away from your holiday home in Sicily. Aside from the many archaeological sites that are definitely worth exploring, you may find it interesting to spend a day on one of the best beaches on the island, go hiking on Europe’s most active volcano Mount Etna or even try a wine tasting from one of the excellent vineyards in Sicily. Going on a few day trips during your holiday in Sicily may be the highlight of your holiday and bring you and your family long lasting memories.

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