Food and Drink


When spending your holiday in Siciliy it is a must to try some of the delicious seafood and visit one of the local fish markets.

Street food

Indulge yourself in the excellent Sicilian street food experience.


Here we have gathered a few restaurants worth exploring during your holiday in Ibiza.Here we have gathered a few restaurants worth exploring during your holiday in Ibiza.


Here you will find a selection of Sicily's best bars.

Sicilian Food and Drinks

During a holiday in Sicily you should not miss the opportunity to taste all the delicious and local specialties. The Sicilian cuisine is distinguished from the Italian culinary scene by having maintained a highly regional character and unique trait. It is a result of a harmonic fusion of food habits from different countries being introduced by foreigners settling on the island during the past centuries. The culinary specialties have been influenced by local historical events and so it may happen that you will find different dishes in cities that are even within walking distance from each other. If you are intrigued by the idea of making a gastronomic tour of Sicily, you will find information about where and what to eat in Sicily here.

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