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How do I successfully let my holiday property via the Internet?
An appealing holiday property listing will have a direct effect on the number of requests and bookings you will receive. On %%allg_site you have the opportunity to enter a wide range of information about your property. To improve your listing we recommend you the following:

1. Attractive photos of your holiday property
Photos are the best way for guests to form an impression of your holiday property. You can upload up to 20 photos, besides the main photo, on %%allg_site. We recommend you to use the best photo of your property in its totality as the main photo in order for you to convince guests that they should spend their holiday in your holiday home. The rest of the photos should show the rooms and outdoor area to give the best picture of the property.

2. Comprehensive description of your holiday property
Describe your holiday property in full sentences with as much information as possible. The optimal listing has informative details about the neighbourhood, rooms, facilities, furnishings, as well as the outdoor area. You should by using words assure the guests to let your property. Ideally, all questions the guest may have will be answered in your listing so that there is no hindrance to make a booking. Make use of paragraphs to improve the overview of the text.

Guests tend to ask the following questions:
- Is the bedroom facing a street?
- How are the beds distributed (in case of more rooms)?
- What facilities are there in the rooms as well as in the kitchen and bathroom?
- Floor number
- Information about the garden and outdoor furnishings
- Information about pets
- Parking options
- Shopping and transport connections in the area
- If its suitable for families with children
- Information about any extras

3. Updated seasons and prices
Up-to-date seasons and prices will not only save you unnecessary booking requests, but more importantly make sure that you do not loose potential guests. We recommend you to enter seasons and prices for at least one year ahead and to update these regularly. On %%allg_site these can every three months be continued automatically for the following year.

Guests should not get a negative surprise due to hidden costs. Therefore, it is important to enter all details – for example information about seasons, prices, minimum stay, number of persons and potential extra charges. You must also enter a price for a final clean. Precise and thorough information will ensure clear, transparent pricing and simplify the booking process.

4. Updated availability calendar
A maintained availability calendar turns prospective guests into future guests. Nothing satisfies a guest more than seeing an available booking period, which is matching their desired dates. You will achieve this by updating your availability periods. In this way you receive no requests during periods where you are already fully booked and the guest will feel better informed.

Holiday properties that can be booked online require a continuously updated availability calendar. Outdated availability calendars can lead to double bookings, which will lead to upset guests and increase the work load. It is therefore of utmost importance to update the availability calendar regularly! One way to circumvent this problem is to use an interface which automatically transfers bookings to and from all connected systems.

Do you wish to let your holiday property through %%allg_site? Then please read our information on how to correctly use the availability calendar. (Link zur Kategorie „Belegzeitenkalender“)

5. Reviews of your holiday property
Guests will not leave anything to chance when it comes to the best time of the year, and they will therefore look for as much information as possible about a holiday property. Reviews play a big part in this. If you have a certificate from Deutschen Tourismusverbandes (DTV) or many satisfied regulars, then show this to potential guests.

Above all, reviews will be considered extremely important by prospective guests. If you have let your holiday property and made sure the guests were left satisfied, then ask the guests to write a review. This will leave a positive memory of your holiday property and encourage other guests to book a holiday with you.

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