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What is an availability calendar?
Each property listing has an availability calendar so that tenants can view when the property is already booked and when it is available. In this way the tenant will feel well-informed and you as a landlord will save time and avoid double bookings.
How do I update my availability calendar?
Log in to your landlord login area and click on “Availability calendar” under each property. You can enter a booking by marking the booked dates and confirm the chosen period. Alternatively you can enter bookings under “Booking overview” and also view your bookings as a PDF file.
Can I set up availability synchronization between two calendars?
Yes, this works via a so-called Ical or ics link. You have two different possibilities for the adjustment:

Import of the assignments: Here you transfer the assignments from another portal to Travanto. To do this, you need the Ical or ics link from the other portal. You can enter this link in your object overview under "Edit object" -> " Availability" at the bottom of the page under "Import availability calendar". Following a preview appears, where you check once the occupancies, which were received. If everything is correct, you can confirm the import of the occupancies. From now on, the availability calendar of the portal from which you import the reservations to our portal will be your central calendar: please carry out the maintenance of the reservations exclusively there, as they will be automatically transferred to us and possible reservations entered at Travanto will thus be overwritten.

Export of occupancies: In this process, you transfer the reservations from our portal to another portal. You have to export the Ical- or ics-link from our portal. In your object overview, click on "Edit object" -> " Availability" and at the end of the page you will find the button "Export availability calendar". The Ical- or ics-Link from Travanto will be displayed. Now you have to enter this link into the other portal, which should receive the occupancies from us. From now on our calendar is your central calendar. Please only maintain the bookings in Travanto, as these are automatically transferred to the other portal that you use.
At what interval is the ics alignment made?
If you import the occupancies from another calendar to our calendar, the synchronization will be performed approximately every 20 to 30 minutes.
Can I synchronize my availability calendar with a central software via an interface?
The use of a central software for the maintenance of the availability calendar is particularly useful if you use online booking at %%allg_site and/or present your accommodation on several portals. Large providers of such software often work together with many different portals for renting vacation accommodations and offer interfaces that significantly simplify the maintenance of occupancy times.

Advantage: You maintain your occupancy times centrally; from there, the data is transferred to all connected systems. This saves time and work and prevents possible double bookings.

If you are interested in using an interface, please feel free to contact us at schnittstelle[at]travanto.de or by phone at +49 (0)40 - 244 249 0.
My accommodation is available, but it is marked as unavailable in the occupancy plan. Why is that?
Check if you have currently entered current season times & prices for your accommodation. Only with current seasons your accommodation can be marked as available and can be requested or booked. We always recommend to enter the seasons & prices for 12 months in advance.

In addition, you should take into account possible booking rules such as fixed arrival and departure days or minimum intervals between two bookings when displaying availability in your occupancy plan.

You can enter and edit the seasons & prices at any time under "Edit object" -> "Season times & prices".
How can I change the entered occupancy time again?
Click in the object overview at the corresponding accommodation on " Availability". In the middle of this page you will see the availability overview. Here, all entered occupancies are listed in tabular form.

If you want to delete an occupancy, click on "Delete". If you want to edit it (e.g. name or number of guests) click on "Edit".

Please note that you cannot delete binding online bookings (if you are a customer of the online booking) that have arrived via us or via a partner portal. You can recognize such bookings by the six-digit booking number.
What can I do in case of last-minute gaps or cancellations?
You can post last minute offers with us. For hosts in the online booking these are free of charge. If you use the non-binding enquiry booking, the exact price breakdown will be displayed before booking.

To book a last minute offer, go to your property overview in the login. To the right of the respective accommodation you will see the button "Last minute rent". Click here to go to the booking section. Please note that the travel period that you want to rent out by last minute may be within the next 28 days at the most. The last minute offer may include a maximum rental period of 14 nights.
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